The FAUFBA portal uses the PHP language and Drupal CMS as a content management tool. Designed to promote the digital inclusion of citizens with special needs in accordance with the Accessibility Model of the Brazilian Government.

Access keys

Access keys are a navigation feature that allow you to navigate this web site with your keyboard.

Access keys available

This site uses a configuration that is close to most international hotkey recommendations. Depending on your browser, the key combination may vary. Use ALT for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer and CTRL for Opera and Safari.

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In the Opera browser, you must disable the keyboard shortcuts that point to the Speed ​​Dial: Menu> Settings> Preferences> Advanced> Shortcuts. Under Keyboard settings, click Opera Standard, and then click Edit. In the search bar, type: speed dial. Remove all entries of type: N crtl, where N is a number.


You can use country flags to switch between website languages.

Some programs available for the visually impaired

Nitrous Voice Flux: Controls the computer by voice and is 100% free

IBM Via Voice: Controls the computer by voice

NVDA: Free software to read screen in Windows environment, with support for multiple languages

Yeosoft Text: Screen reader in English and Portuguese

Jaws for windows: screen reader in several languages

Virtual vision: screen reader in Brazilian Portuguese

dosvox: system for the visually impaired (version for windows or for linux)